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SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC develops, markets and installs network management solutions empowering service providers and telecommunication organizations to link technologies that protect the lifeblood of their organization. These solutions invariably increase the visibility and reduce downtime of systems used in support of their voice and data communications network.

SchoRen's unique solution, the TrapServer, is an agile, vendor-neutral, multi-protocol fault management system that consolidates alarms and events. The TrapServer can monitor many device types since it supports, both, open and proprietary protocols. As a result, almost any network element in use within our customer's internal communications and enterprise infrastructure can be monitored.

SchoRen serves the Oil & Gas, Electric Utilities, Transportation, Public Sectors, Schools, Independent Telephone Companies (IOC), Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC), Wireless Service Providers and Banking industries.

SchoRen's unique solution, TrapServer enables companies to achieve the specific goal of reducing operating expenses.