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Power Transmission Company successfully implements TrapServer solution to monitor and mediate TL-1 based Events from the Alcatel 1603 and 1612 SONET multiplex equipment.

December 2003

A Power Transmission Company has added transmission substations to its utility network, which includes SONET transport. They have been utilizing Alcatel microwave and monitoring the microwave using the Badger Alarm and Control, LLC NetManager. The NetManager does a very good job at monitoring the Alcatel Microwave using the Alcatel proprietary MCS-11 protocol but the SONET Multiplex is not equipped with MCS-11; it uses TL-1 to transmit fault messages.  This transmission company needed these events managed by the same manager they use, NetManager and viewed from its GUI. Integrated TrapServer successfully provided the bridge from the Alcatel SONET Multiplex to the Badger AC NetManager.

TrapServer communicates to the 1603 (configured as the gateway) using TL1 device via TCP / IP socket connections over a LAN / WAN. TrapServer makes this connection to that one gateway device. Through the gateway device, TrapServer logs in and monitors the other 1603s. Reported events are forwarded to the NetManager over the TCP / IP connection and integrated into its database, logged to the printer and displayed on the GUI. Paging and email notification also takes place at the TrapServer and is scheduled on time of day and day of week basis over a 3 month rotating calendar.

TrapServer is an inexpensive protocol mediation tool for multiple protocols (such as, ASCII, TL-1, SNMP (V1 / V2), modbus TCP / IP.) that also provides monitoring and notifies via email and paging of events that can degrade the quality of service its users are providing. After hours access for current status and historical reports are accomplished using secure Internet access or secure / non-secure corporate WAN access.