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Florida County Awards Contract

June 2004

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC announces it has supplied TrapServer in conjunction with Badger Alarm and Control, LLC to replace an un-named county’s aging microwave management system. The new system includes TrapServer to provide browser (WEB) views of alarm activity (from the BadgerAC NetManager and other devices) accessible from any PC connected to the County’s Intranet and to provide scheduled email / paging notification upon occurrence of service affecting events. NetManager interrogates and report alarms from existing Badger 481 Remote Terminals.
This county provides communications to local agencies with its extensive microwave system.
The contract was awarded based on many factors but most prominent was Supportability, Price and Feature Set provided by the Integrated TrapServer / Badger NetManager combination. When it came time to purchase this upgrade, the choice was simple; spend half a million on a competing system or use a small fraction of that cost on a proven compatible system.