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SchoRen adds new features to TrapServer

January 2005

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC has added additional capabilities for TrapServertm to monitor Web Site monitoring. Users can now be automatically notified in the form of an Event, of changes to any Web Site or of data, which matches key words / phrases. Events are categorized by severity and time stamped, with details pertaining to the event and then stored within event history database. Email / paging / SNMP trap with escalation ensures the appropriate response.

Supporting the operations notification, tracking and engineering efforts is TSTrouble Ticketing! When an event occurs, a TSTrouble Ticketing is automatically issued with the pertinent information of the event and technician dispatched. Web based viewing / reporting of TSTrouble Ticket facilitates tracking of faulty equipment and services to ensure maintaining and the improvement of your QOS.

Dispatchers , Operators and Technicians have access to their specific TSTrouble Ticket to provide status updates toward the recovery of the event. Great tool for managing your people, managing your repair inventory and most of all, your QOS!

Furthermore, Web based reporting makes it possible to access gathered information to accommodate an orderly growth of your services. Web based reports from TrapServer enables managers and engineers quick access to the data pertaining to system in the format needed to make the informed decisions that guide systematic expansion of your business.