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Utility adds monitoring of Cisco 15454 to TrapServer

June 2005

Existing TrapServer users adds Cisco 15454 TL1 interface module to SchoRen TrapServertm to monitor alarms from Cisco fiber system installed within their network. This addition provides comprehensive monitoring of the utility’s fiber system, which includes two rings of Lucent DDM-2000s and the 15454’s. Included in consolidated monitoring is also the Alcatel TSM-2500 management system for MCS-11 based digital microwave radios and two Badger 2000 monitoring system for their older analog microwave radios.

TrapServer gathered events are forwarded to event viewer with priority, history with color coded event priority. These events are also viewable from the WEB interface using any PC’s web browser. Qualifying events will page and email technicians under control of TrapServer. Numerous technician call-outs are scheduled up to three months in advance and include email / paging with escalation.

TrapServer’s fiber product interface includes Cisco 15454, Lucent DDM-2000, Alcatel 1603 / 1612 / 1648’s, GE JungleMux and Nortel Transport Node OC3 / 12 / 48. Additional interfaces are available.