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adds TrapServer as regional monitor / consolidation tool / translator

August 2005

Like most companies, this new utility customer uses a myriad of systems to monitor their extensive microwave communications network. In addition to the amount of space all of these systems utilize, technicians need to come into the office and look at each of the systems to determine the current operational status of the radio systems before beginning work on scheduled maintenance. This is a huge amount of windshield time just to see if the system is working properly.

SchoRen TrapServer was selected by this utility to be a Regional Monitoring Tool and to consolidate alarms from the disparate legacy systems such as Larse 2000 (Badger 2000), Alcatel TSM-2500 and Modbus Serial Remote Terminal Units (RTU). The consolidation of events into one system makes viewing of alarms easier. The technicians don’t need to learn the unique particularities from three systems, they view only one system at glance and by using the "Secure Web Browser" feature (which is standard with TrapServer), the technicians can access TrapServer to view alarms over the internet from anywhere in their network (either dedicated Ethernet or dial-up). A great savings by eliminating windshield time!

TrapServer empowers the utility operations to better manage a wide variety of alarm events reported from their own communications network through automatic notification. Qualifying events will page (alphanumeric and beeper paging are supported) and email (SMTP / POP3) technicians under control of TrapServer. Numerous technician call-outs are scheduled up to three months in advance, including notification escalation.

TrapServertm also filters by priority any alarms and transports the highest priority events over their ATM network to the NOC for display events on NetManager GUI in Colorado.

TrapServer was chosen because of its ability to "future proof" their monitoring network by adapting to existing network elements and by being “open” to the latest generation of products as they are added. TrapServer offers flexibility in monitoring any intelligent data stream for activity affecting their Quality of Service.