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Another major Wireless Provider adds TrapServer

October 2005

Cingular Wireless has added its name to our growing list of TrapServer users.  This major wireless service provided acquired SchoRen TrapServertm to monitor alarm events from Alcatel microwave radios in conjunction with Badger AC’s NetManager.  TrapServer will monitor every aspect reported by the microwave radios plus automated email / paging dispatch with Trouble Tracking until the problem is resolved.

What makes this project unique was our competition on this project.  Alcatel proposed the TSM-8000, which turns out to be an expensive solution that only provides alarm monitoring.  TrapServer allows 30 concurrent users without any additional charges!  With the ability of this many users logged in at one time, TrapServer is a perfect tool for operational staff within a single market.

TrapServer gathered events are forwarded to Event Viewer with several-colored event priority’s containing Time / Date, Priority, Location, Equipment and Description of Event.  These events are also viewable from the WEB interface using any PC’s web browser.  Qualifying events will page and email technicians under control of TrapServer.  Numerous technician call-outs are scheduled up to three months in advance and includes multiple escalation.