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National Pipeline Transport Company upgrades to TrapServer

December 2005

Like most company’s, this major pipeline service provider used an aging Badger NetManager master station in conjunction with Badger’s remote terminal units to monitor their extensive microwave communications network. While Badger system has been running strong for many years, the Master Station has an older OS (SCO UNIX) that is no longer supported, and prohibits the use of their TCP / IP backbone network for transport due to lack of SCO security updates. However, the major pipeline company enjoys the ease of use and the “bullet-proof” operating record of their many Badger RTUs, so they needed to upgrade the master station technology without a forklift upgrade of all of their Badger RTUs.

SchoRen TrapServertm was selected by the major pipeline service provider to be a redundant master station working in unison with Badger’s 481 Remote Terminal Units to report microwave and environmental alarms, display them and notify technicians across their multi-state operating area of specific troubles at identified sites.

TrapServer was chosen because of its ability to “future proof” their monitoring network by adapting to existing network elements and by being “open” to the latest generation of products using SNMP based alarm reporting. TrapServer offers flexibility in monitoring SNMP and any intelligent network equipment for activity affecting their Quality of Service.

Some of the SNMP elements being monitored are Badger Enterprise 500 Remote Monitoring Unit, OmniTronics RTU, Adtran Tracer Spread Spectrum Microwave Units, Eltek DC Power System, Telco Access 50 and Telco Edgelink.