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California ILEC uses TrapServer

January 2006

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC has been awarded the Alarm System Upgrade from Northern California Independent telephone company (ILEC) to supply TrapServer to monitor revenue-bearing elements in operation within the company using a SchoRen designed IP network. This ILEC’s monitoring application includes monitoring all seven of their DMS-10 Switches, all of the AFC UMC1000 fiber equipment, and latest generation microwave (both Alcatel and NEC). Their previous alarm management system consisted of Badger Technology Inc. OmniMaster (also known as Harris NetBoss). OmniMaster is no longer supported and it was extremely cumbersome to operate. This ILEC needed to replace the old OmniMaster with a system that was simple to operate and was not too expensive and was quick to turn up. TrapServer fit this mold and offers the same functionality of OmniMaster with the efficiencies of newer technology but at a small fraction of the original OmniMaster price.

Multiple locations within the ILEC’s network will access TrapServer using Web Browsers to view alarm activity from the monitored system. Since TrapServer supports multiple LAN interfaces, the corporate intranet will be isolated from the alarm-monitoring intranet using the same TrapServer with all the same functionality being fully supported.

Qualifying events will page technicians under control of TrapServer. Technician call-out is scheduled up to three months in advance and includes email / paging escalation.

SchoRen also engineered the Ethernet network for the ILEC at no additional charge.