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Western State “future-proofs” it’s monitoring by using TrapServer

June 2006

A Western US State adds TrapServertm to monitor the States’ diverse communications network. TrapServer will gather and monitor events from SNMP based devices (including the Badger e500 RMU) and legacy elements, provide rapid notification to ensure trouble resolution, and deliver a WEB server interface to allow technicians browser access to remotely manage event activity. Locally, events will be displayed using AreaViewer, which is SchoRen’s latest addition to TrapServer. AreaViewer provides Graphical User Interface (GUI) that contains a visual indication of monitored system with multiple levels.

Qualifying events will also quickly page and email technicians under control of TrapServer.

This State provides telecommunications, since “the citizens and government agencies depend upon state telecommunication systems to conduct routine business and obtain assistance during emergencies.” TrapServer supports the telecommunications division by managing network troubles and ensuring rapid notification of these troubles to the appropriate staff. Numerous technicians are scheduled up to three months in advance and can include escalation.