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adds AreaViewer and Enhanced Reports to TrapServer

August 2006

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC announces the addition of AreaViewerand Enhanced reports to TrapServer.These product enhancements greatly assist TrapServer users by enabling them to quickly identify and resolve communication network troubles.


AreaViewer is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that contains a visual indication of monitored system.  Depending on the size of your system, these icons represent Area (containing sites and devices, also defining areas of responsibilities), Sites (containing devices) or the specific device.  Lower levels can include Area (containing Site, device and entity).  Device level contains the equipment monitored and the icon of the event being monitored contained within the device.  Each level can have its own level map / drawing assigned to it.  Icons represent the status of the site with color representing the alarm priority assigned (color of highest alarm over-rides lower alarm priorities) with flashing Icons representing newly received alarms.

Enhanced Reports

Event Total Report
Enables the user to view statistics of alarm reception per month over the year.

Event Summary Report
Enables the user to view statistics of alarm reception per month (or per week) per device (or all devices) and per Entity (or all entities at a site).Good way of determining the cost of supporting equipment that may be on the edge of failing.

Event Duration Report

Enables the user to view total time an event has been in an off-normal state over a period of calendar weeks throughout history.

Nuisance Report
Reports all events over a user-defined period over a period of user-defined days.Great for “seeing” equipment troubles before a hard failure occur.Detects an event-quantity threshold is surpassed over a number of time periods.The threshold (qty=10), type of time period (days or hours), and quantity of time periods (qty=3) may all be adjusted by the TrapServer administrator.