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National Utility Company Overhauls Monitoring using TrapServer

September 2006

During the 1990s, this National Utility Company acquired other companies underneath its corporate umbrella. As an independent company, they choose equipment which best fits the needs of their operation. When the operation is purchased and placed under a corporate umbrella, the equipment that comes along with that acquisition is not compatible with other systems in other operational regions. In the case of monitoring, this usually means many different systems needing separate monitoring systems to watch the different types of equipment. Then add redundancy in the mix and the real headaches begin.

This is where TrapServer came in. TrapServer was able to provide monitoring of all the disparate equipment this company acquired through its purchases over the year. This included Badger 481 Remote Terminals, Larse 1200 Remote Terminals and Alcatel Microwave Radios using MCS-11 protocol for polling the radios for alarm information.

Additionally, since this is a National Utility they required redundancy to support their Disaster Recovery policies. Again, TrapServer met the needs and surpassed the requirements.

TrapServer provides Redundant Operations to support Disaster Recovery while polling multiple channels of Badger 481 RTUs, multiple channels of Larse RTUs and multiple MCS-11 polling channels.