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Utility in Mid West uses TrapServer

December 2006

This Northern Midwestern Utility faced the same dilemma many companies face; obsolescence. In this case, it was their Badger NetManager Management system. The Badger NetManager monitored their extensive microwave network by polling Badger 481 RTUs. This system worked will but wasn’t able to monitor newer microwave radios or newer fiber systems they were adding. They had a need where TrapServer SNMP Message Translator (SMT) option with TrapStorm application fit the need.

In addition to monitoring the Badger 481 Remote Terminal Units, this utility company also needed to monitor their NEC Microwave Radios, new Alcatel MDR-8000 Microwave Radios and the GE JungleMux (via VistaNet) fiber terminals; all using SNMP. TrapServer consolidated the SNMP from these network elements into one database, displaying alarms from one screen and forwarding notifications via email.

This company also required all alarms be displayed on their existing NetManager. TrapServer provided this alarm forwarding with ease. Alarms detected by TrapServer were sent to NetManager for display using a little known feature of NetManager called Nettrigger.

TrapServer added many new monitoring capabilities to the monitoring system used by this company and since the alarms were sent to an existing system, no control room operator training was required.