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Southern California School District upgrades using TrapServer

July 2007

Los Angles Unified School system selects TrapServer to monitor their new microwave system. SchoRen TrapServertm was selected for its’ ability to monitor the Alcatel-Lucent MDR-8000 microwave radio using SNMP and by its ability to also monitor the IMACs multiplex using SNMP. TrapServer supports SNMP traps, gets and sets from SNMP (V1 and V2) capable devices.

TrapServer was chosen because of its ability to “future proof” their monitoring network by adapting to existing network elements and by being “open” to the latest generation of products as they are added. TrapServer offers this customer a rich set of features including console and browser-based color-coded status reporting, email notification and text paging. TrapServer also has the ability to monitor any intelligent data stream in order for clients to achieve a high quality of service.