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Major Utility Region in Texas Upgrades their existing TrapServer

December 2007

One of our very first TrapServer users has upgraded their TrapServer to include MCS-11, LarScan and the monitoring the Two-Way Radio system consisting of Motorola MOSCAD units.

Communications systems evolve; this is just a fact of life. Usually, compatibility between legacy products and new products used in this evolution cause these companies many costly weeks of searching, selecting and engineering, not to mention the equipment costs to come up with a solution to meet new monitoring needs and also continues to meet the legacy needs.

Not in this case. TrapServer was installed in 2004 to provide regional monitoring. TrapServer “Future Proofed” their monitoring network by allowing this utility to continue to use a product that meets their needs. With minimal efforts, TrapServer now monitors their Alcatel-Lucent MCS-11 and LarScan (Larse 1200) RT network at the protocol level, without an intermediary proprietary master station. Also, this regional TrapServer also provides enhanced monitoring visibility of the Two-Way Radio system consisting of Motorola MOSCAD alarm units using SNMP.

The selection of TrapServer scaled the support of the monitoring system from three management stations down to one.

SchoRen was also requested to provide a custom solution by adding multiple display monitors to this TrapServer enabling multiple areas to be viewed graphically without adding additional PC Hardware. TrapServer filters by alarm priority and transports the highest priority events using SNMP over their network to the Primary and Redundant NOCs (which also use TrapServer for monitoring) for display of events.