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Bank Consolidates Alarm Monitoring using TrapServer

March 2008

A Large Bank headquartered in New York has selected SchoRen TrapServer to monitor and translate alarm information from Symmetricom and Nortel equipment used in support of bank operations. The Symmetricom and Nortel network elements consist of the Nortel OME-3500, Symmetricom TS-3500 and the Symmetricom TP-1100. TrapServer connects to these elements over the Bank’s IP infrastructure to receive autonomousTL1 alarm messages over the Bank’s IP infrastructure. TL-1 event / alarms are translated to SNMP traps for northbound notification to the Banks SNMP management system currently in operation.

SchoRen’s has also supplied a new TrapServer SNMP Message Translator (SMT) module to “spoof” the SNMP management system with OID specific information from the specific TL-1 monitored network elements. This software application resides on the same hardware platform as TrapServer and places the translated / monitored equipment’s defined OID in the trap in the place of TrapServers OID. All TL-1 elements will have an OID assigned within the application corresponding to the specific type of TL-1 element and with a specific IP address even though communications connections are serial. Other features of TrapServer SMT Option are TrapStorm Protection / Notification and TrapBridging.

TrapServer was chosen because of its ability to “future proof” their monitoring network by adapting to existing network elements and by being "open" to the latest generation of products as they are added. TrapServer offers flexibility in monitoring, reporting (WEB server based), notifying based on Area of Responsibility (via EMAIL and Paging) and displaying (color text and multi-level GUI) any intelligent data stream for activity affecting their Quality of Service and reporting.