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TrapServer SNMP Message Translator Option

April 2008

New available options for TrapServer SNMP Message Translator (SMT) an extremely powerful trap-filtering tool, which allows its users to manipulate and mediate SNMP traps. Applications include TrapStorm and TrapSpoof.

TrapStorm Application for TrapServer SMT

TrapStorm filtering functionality provides a SNMP trap storm shelter in the event of catastrophic faults from network devices or devices that are not fully configured. This option offers protection against SNMP trap storms and shelters your NOC and NOC management equipment from SNMP trap overloads brought on by faulty network elements and faulty network paths, even undefined equipment. TrapStorm filters traps based on trap count and time. During normal operating conditions, this optional software module will forward all traps from each of the network elements retaining the original trap structure and by using the original network elements OID and binding information. A trap storm falling within user-defined parameters will cause this application to stop forwarding traps from the storming element and to generate a trap indicating a presence of a trap storm. A trap will be generated (again at user defined intervals) during the storm process and at the cessation of the storm. Furthermore, this application provides logging of received (source) traps and forward (count) traps to Network Manager.

TrapSpoof Application for TrapServer SMT

With TrapSpoof your users can modify just about most aspects of an SNMP trap. For example, TrapSpoof can: