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TrapServer SNMP product support

October 2008

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC announces the addition of monitoring the Harris / Stratex TRuepoint 5000 microwave equipment using with TrapServer. Alarms and events detected by the microwave radio equipment are sent to TrapServer as simple network management protocol (SNMP) traps where the information contained in the trap is stored and displayed on AreaViewer and TextViewer. These traps are also filtered on priority before email and paging notification.

Using SNMP enables TrapServer to ascertain the operational status of these radio elements.

The addition of the Truepoint equipment adds to a comprehensive list of microwave radios monitored by TrapServer at many locations throughout the USA. This growing list includes Alcatel-Lucent MDR-8000 (with the TMN module) and the NEC NLite / NLite LX microwave radio equipment using SNMP. TrapServer also supports the monitoring of legacy microwave equipment using the network elements native language is use by either the microwave equipment itself or by remote terminal units installed at the microwave sites. This includes the MCS-11 protocol to monitor Alcatel-Lucent MDR series microwave radios and the Badger (Badger 481 and Larse LarScan protocols) Remote Terminal Units.