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Midwestern Utility adds Larse Protocol Engine to TrapServer

November 2008

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC announces a Midwestern Utility (already a TrapServer user) has added the Larse Protocol Engine to their existing TrapServer to monitor their extensive Larse (aka: Badger) Remote Terminal (RT) network. The Larse remote units are used to detect contact closures and analog alarms from the communications equipment (microwave radio, wave guide, airflow, site temperature, power, tower lights, etc) and report these events to TrapServer.

Support of the Larse RT application includes the software module in TrapServer which provides the proprietary LarScan polling support and a Larse Communications Interface (LCI-modem) available from Badger Alarm & Control, Inc. TrapServers Larse Protocol Engine interface module downloads configurations, polls RTs for alarms and operates RT controls. Together with the LCI, TrapServer's Larse protocol interface provides all functionality of the Badger 2000: digital point monitoring, analog point monitoring, control point execution, and downloading of all database parameters.

Alarms and events detected by the Larse RTs are sent to TrapServer after the RT is polled using the proprietary LarScan protocol. Information sent by the RT is stored and displayed on AreaViewer and TextViewer. These alarms can also be filtered on priority before email and paging notification.