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Release 1.5.8 has been well received!

Author: SchoRen

March 2009

We have received our first feed back regarding our release of TrapServer 1.5.8.! Kinder-Morgan, a user of TrapServer since 2005 replaced their manufacture discontinued Badger NetManager, says;

“The latest update to the TrapServer from a NOC monitoring standpoint is great and I really appreciate all of the time and work that went into this new update. SchoRen has been great to work with and I appreciate the time they have taken to increase my skill set with the TrapServer. I really like the customization of the reporting tool with its large history storage capacity along with the select scan, test tone, and the control point execution features. I am very pleased. I have gotten feedback from our field telecommunication technicians and (the field techs) like the upgrade.

I like how I can use the “SNMP” trap-relay tool to “see” traps as I add Element OID’s to TrapServer and how easy it is to place trap information (point ‘n’ click) in the structure of the alarm event!”

“You are more than welcome to use Kinder Morgan as a reference stating that we use the TrapServer and that we are very pleased with the product … Thanks so much!”

Kinder-Morgan uses TrapServer to poll their extensive network of Badger 481 Remote Terminal Units, receive SNMP alarms from the Badger e500 RMUs, Adtran, Omnitronics and Harris-Stratex TruePoint microwave radios.

Within this version, features include;

TrapServer monitors and controls Multi-Vendor equipment using a variety of equipment protocols to rapidly inform users where troubles exist in the monitored network. TrapServer uses open and proprietary industry standard protocols to gather alarm events for alarm management. We have extensive knowledge building and implementing many custom alarming solutions.

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC provides Network Management Solutions as TrapServer and TrapServer SNMP Message Translator (SMT) to Service Providers, Telecommunications Providers and Companies that operate a public or private communications infrastructure.

If you are concerned about the QoS of your network, SchoRen is your system!