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TrapServer supports Virtualization!

Author: SchoRen

August 2009

"Virtualization projects are under consideration or already in progress at many organizations looking to decrease their capital and real estate expenses and to launch energy-conservation initiatives. Through the use of special virtualization products and services, data center managers can apportion computing hardware resources to operating systems and applications on a time-sharing basis. In doing so, they can significantly boost the utilization and efficiency of servers, network equipment and storage devices. Such projects reduce the overall number of physical devices needed, the floor and rack space needed." says AT&T in its publication How to Virtualize.

TrapServer supports virtualization bringing with it cost savings in hardware and support to organizations without reducing TrapServer features to our users including support of disaster recovery, translations and monitoring.

TrapServertm monitors and controls Multi-Vendor equipment at a single operating company rapidly informing users where troubles exist in the monitored network. TrapServer uses open and proprietary industry standard protocols to gather alarm events for alarm management. We have extensive knowledge building and implementing many custom alarming solutions.