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TrapServer is selected within the Wireless Industry

May 2003

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC announced the purchase of TrapServer by a major wireless carrier to integrate wireless products into their Network Operations Center. TrapServer simplifies the integration of non-standard element at the MTSO / MSC into a common interface at the NOC. No longer are work orders needed between the region and the NOC when new equipment comes on line. The NOC "sees" everything through the eyes of TrapServer.
The wireless service installed RFS BDAs to improve wireless coverage, extending wireless coverage to areas where coverage was poor. This provider needed to translate alarms that were called in by the monitoring device. These alarms were reported over the telephone as ASCII text and they needed to be translated to SNMP so the NOC could “see” any alarms being reported by these devices.
TrapServer served this application very well! It translated all alarms called in by the equipment and sent those alarms to the NOC as SNMP traps.