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Lucent DDM-2000, AFC UMC1000 and Nortel Transport Node OC3 / 12 / 48 Monitoring Interface

September 2004

SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC announces it has recently completed three TrapServer monitoring interfaces for the Lucent DDM-2000, AFC1000 and Nortel Transport Node OC3 / 12 / 48 using TL-1. TrapServer communicates TL-1 to these DDM fiber devices using X.25 over a serial connection and communicates to the AFC UMC and Transport Node using TL-1 over TCP / IP. TrapServer connects to one gateway device within the fiber network and has visibility to all fiber equipment within the connected ring or link. Through the gateway device, TrapServer logs in and monitors the other fiber products. Reported events are forwarded to event viewer with priority, history with multi-color event priority. TrapServer optionally will notify on-call via alphanumeric page and email. TrapServer’s notification manager is scheduled on time of day and day of week basis over a 3-month rotating calendar.