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At SchoRen NMS Solutions, we believe that the customer deserves a full-service vendor. Therefore, SchoRen has made it a priority to provide all services listed below.

System Design

You collaborate with SchoRen NMS Solutions Marketing and Engineering to develop the optimum system design. We ask you to describe your telecommunications infrastructure. Then we analyze this infrastructure, deciding the best way to monitor your system with the TrapServer.

Installation and Integration

The TrapServer software is installed at the factory. Then the TrapServer system is shipped to you. After you receive the TrapServer, a representative visits your site to install it. During the installation, the SchoRen representative performs tasks such as TCP / IP networking, user administration and protocol conversion module installation, as well as any required database entry. In addition, the SchoRen representative will help you connect your equipment to the TrapServer so that communications is established and your equipment is monitored.

Technical Support

The SchoRen support motto is: "first identify the problem, then continue working it until it is solved". Often times identifying the root cause of the problem takes more time than solving the problem itself. Nevertheless, identifying the problem is the paramount requirement when attempting to solve it. At SchoRen NMS Solutions we continue to work all issues until they are identified. Once identified, an agreeable time frame for a solution is determined by YOU and SchoRen.


When your operators are trained on the TrapServer, they also learn much more. This is because SchoRen training imparts general knowledge in areas such as Python, Linux, SNMP, TL1 and ASCII Management. Moreover, we teach not just what the TrapServer is designed to do, but we also explain how and why it is done. In this manner, your operators are exposed to subject manner that allows them to become well rounded in the area of network management and, therefore, do a better job operating the TrapServer.

Protocol Conversion Module Design

SchoRen maintains a library of protocol conversion modules (Python-language modules whose purpose is to monitor binary and ASCII data transmitted by your equipment). For example, the library contains modules for monitoring Badger 481 RTUs, Larse 1200 RTs, MCS-11 units, Northern Telecom DMS10 and DMS100 / 250 / 500 switches, and the Tellabs 53X DACS. Let's assume that your application requires that Larse 1200 RTs and a DMS10 be monitored, along with an "ACME ABC-X". Even though the "ACME ABC-X" is not currently in the SchoRen library, SchoRen can still provide the service to develop a module to monitor that equipment. You would work with the SchoRen representative to develop a protocol conversion module that runs within the highly customizable TrapServer ASCII management environment. Once this custom module is complete, you will be monitoring your entire telecommunications infrastructure.